Bizarre moment from last night:

Bizarre moment from last night: as I was walking home from the pub, passing the Park Tavern, a couple in their early twenties or maybe even late teens walked out into the street. The girl was complaining about a friend of hers who was a “tourist”.

I hate tourists. I mean, I’m bisexual. But what is she? She just wants to do it for laughs with me. I mean, I don’t mind doing it in front of you because you’re my boyfriend, and you should do that sort of thing for your boyfriend. But she’s just doing it for a laugh. She isn’t serious. She’s just a fucking tourist, and I hate tourists. You’re either bi or straight, and she should make up her mind and quit playing.

Somehow I go embroiled in this conversation (in my role as innocent bystander – I usually find it best to just nod, make agreeable murmurings and say nothing more) as we walked up North Street before they went into the Chinese take away, still discussing this with jaw-slackening volume.