I was thinking this morning

I was thinking this morning (in the bath – it’s a good place for thinking) about how past relationships can influence a person’s life in even quite subtle ways, and sometimes those influences stay with us for a very long time. For example: food and drink. As regular readers may know, I’m quite a foodie – I love food and drink, enjoy cooking, love buying food and eating good meals. But there are many foods and drinks that I’ve only discovered through the influence of relationships:

  • bagels – introduced to me by Kate
  • chinese food – Jill (no, really! I never ate Chinese food before I met her)
  • chorizo – Andrea
  • pinot grigio – Louise

…the list goes on. And don’t get me started on the influence of people I’ve known on my taste in art, architecture, music and literature.
Of course, this isn’t really rocket science. It’s just the realization that people you know and love have an influence on you.
I can be very profound in the bath.