The Secret Project: You can

The Secret Project:
Radio Grayblog - the sound of
You can listen by clicking here.
However, if you want to see the name of the track currently playing, you’ll need to use the Live365 browser gizmo, which can be downloaded when you go here. It’s very small, but comes with irritating adverts.

Radio Grayblog is an eclectic selection of music from my collection, including downtempo, electronica, jazz, funk, R&B, rock, pop – you name it, it’ll be on there. Currently there is around three-and-a-quarter hours of listening, with tracks being played randomly. I’ll be uploading more tracks over the next few days (I aim to have around 8 hours of music available), and will also regularly change the tracks around to keep you all interested. I’m also going to try and persuade Herbie Mash (a.k.a. Paul F) to do a cheesy jingle or two.
Live365 do insert short audio adverts – roughly every fourth track. They aren’t too intrusive. If you want to cut them out, then you should upgrade to their premier service, or make a donation at my support page so that I can afford to run the ad-free service.
I don’t guarantee that you’ll like all, most or even any of the music on offer. But you might!
Comments and feedback (nicely please) welcome as usual.