Purchased in IKEA:the inevitable bag

Purchased in IKEA:

  • the inevitable bag of 100 nightlights (and, yes, I’ll have no problems using them inside a couple of months)
  • four light bulbs (the wrong ones – what an idiot! I *always* buy the wrong ones, and one of the main purposes of the trip was to buy the *right* ones. D’oh!)
  • Two Boalt CD racks
  • Some drawer lining material to use in my larder
  • a knife rack for the kitchen
  • a very large print for the living room, which is now hanging above the dining table
  • a jar of sild

IKEA’s customer service levels leave something to be desired, it must be said (why say it will take 15 – 20 minutes, when it will really take six times that? – and why does it need to take that long? and why not open more tills??), but the meatballs are great and it also provides a brilliant opportunity to people-watch. There were two distinct groups of people there yesterday: those that really were relaxed about the whole thing and were not going to let it get to them, and those whose life expectancy was being reduced dramatically because their blood pressure and stress levels were so high.