All morning I’ve been having

All morning I’ve been having problems with my internet connection here at work. So I had a listen to the line, and could detect an intermittent crackling noise in the silence – that’s enough to cause most modems to drop the connection.
So I called BT, and they said that their test couldn’t detect a fault, but that they would send an engineer out. However, if the fault was with our equipment, there would be a call-out charge.
Of course, with the engineer due here by 3.30 today, the fault seems to have cleared itself up and the line is working fine. guh.
It rained this morning and has been very windy. Since a large chunk of the line to here is overhead, that can often be a problem. Now the wind has eased a little and the rain has dried up – and I wouldn’t mind betting that that is related to the now restored connection.