You may recall (it’s in

You may recall (it’s in the sidebar, so it’d be hard to forget) that I made a resolution to take more exercise this year. Well it’s high time I acted on that, particularly as everyone keeps making jibes about me being a bit soft around the middle these days.
So I’ve decided that I’m going to diet and exercise, and you guys are going to help me. In the sidebar, you’ll see a new section entitled “Diet with Graybo”. In it you will see my current weight (13st 13lb – that’s 195lb or 88.5kg) and my target weight (12st 13lb – that’s 181lb or 82kg). I aim to reach my target weight by 20 December – that’s 14 weeks to lose 14lb.
At 6ft1in (185cm), I have a current body mass index (BMI) of 25.7. A BMI of more than 25 is deemed to be overweight, so I need to get my weight down to 13st 7lb to no longer fall into that category. My target weight will give a BMI of 23.9. (Incidentally, to be classed as underweight, I’d have to drop to less than ten stone – that’s ridiculous, as when I dropped to eleven and a half stone, I looked like a concentration camp victim).
So, how am I going to achieve this? Well, I’m not going back to the Corn Flake diet because losing a stone in three weeks can not be healthy. Instead I’m going to:

  • cut out all snacks between meals
  • go for a walk or cycle ride every evening after work, even if only a short one (must fix the bike!), because you’re not likely to see me in a gym
  • cut out some of the fattier stuff at meal times
  • eat more fresh fruit and vegetables
  • cut down on beer (suggestions for alternative drinks welcome – is vodka and tonic fattening?)

How are you going to help? By being my conscience – watching those weight reports in the sidebar. And also by offering any practical advice that you may have. And if anyone from around Chichester wants to join me on the walking or cycling, I’d like that too (what’s the old Garfield gag? “Misery loves company” or “Diet is DIE with a T”) – I’m not talking about scary walking or cycling, with lycra shorts or anything – jeans and a sweater will do.
Wish me luck!