Vodka and slimline last night

Vodka and slimline last night with Bren, Greg and an ailing Paul F, with sightings of Guy and the Nags away team.
Also seen was the girl who had been put in touch with me through the client at Buzby and Blue. She had sent me a whole heap of text messages during the course of the evening, and, as she was out with friends, had arranged to come into W2 with them. However, I took one look and decided not to introduce myself – just not my type at all, and I didn’t fancy being humiliated in front of all her mates.
There followed further text messages, where I just said that I’d left with someone else (which I had – Bren and Greg!), hoping she’d take a hint. What I didn’t expect was a barrage of text messages going on into the early hours. Ugh – sorry miss, but no thank you. And, whilst I’m not really in a position to offer great style and fashion advice, I do know that people who are only five feet tall really do not look good with big bushy perms.