More politics…. Patrick Wintour on

More politics….
Patrick Wintour on the Conservative Party’s past and future
Ed Vaizey emplores the party to stop fighting, although I’m not sure about his statement that IDS has embraced social liberalism. If this is the case, why on earth impose a three line whip over the adoption bill?
Telegraph opinion implores MPs to back IDS and warns that to fail to do so will result in death of Conservative Party by 2025.
Slightly barmy article by Janet Daley which raises some good issues (poor party management, definition of "nice" and "nasty" and wondering what exactly is IDS’s direction) as well as a few simply strange ideas (suggesting the gay community were driving the argument – muh? Ken Clarke is not well known as a gay rights activist!).
Ben Macintyre looks at IDS’s psychology – "IDS’s desperate day was desperately weird".
Mrs T: the Tories will never die.