Just received a rather disturbing

Just received a rather disturbing email. I wouldn’t normally publicise this sort of thing, as so many of these messages are hoax, but it comes to me from a very reliable source and seems, sadly, to be very plausible.

Clubs at Gunwharf Quay

I have been told by [name deleted] in Finance that her friend’s drink was laced with GHB (Date Rape drug) on Friday night in Tiger Tiger. She was taken to hospital after collapsing in the club where it was confirmed that she had GHB in her blood. Once there and questioned by police they revealed that this is on the increase in Portsmouth. This is also the second person she knows that this has happened to – the other person’s drink having been spiked in Jongleurs recently. Keep an eye on your drinks and who is buying them for you peeps.

Sound advice. I haven’t heard of any cases in Chichester yet, but I guess it is just a matter of time.