For some reason, I feel

For some reason, I feel obliged to share with you a list of the gifts I received for Christmas:

  • a very lovely pen fit for an Executive Director
  • several bottles of wine
  • lots of bath things
  • some money
  • tonnes of chocolate
  • some clothes
  • a concrete candle – no, really
  • three CDs (including one from secret santa – thank you)
  • some tea and preserve
  • a beautiful book of cat photographs
  • other lovely and thoughtful odds and ends

But that is only part of this Christmas. It has been one of the very best that I have ever had. So here is a list of the best bits of my Christmas:

  • Christmas Eve seeing friends – DAGS, Tanya, Kearn, DA, James, Jayne, Jo B, Mandie, Arron, Nikki, Libby, Geoff and others
  • Christmas breakfast in bed
  • meeting and being accepted by important new people
  • the love and company of my family
  • seeing the face I love lighting up with joy, then later relaxed in peaceful slumber
  • splendid food, silly games, a fluffy cat

I hope your Christmas was happy too, no matter how you spent it or who you spent it with.
Feliz Navidad!