Strange old week really. Not

Strange old week really. Not one I particularly want to repeat at any time in the future.
But the future is where the focus needs to lie, and I have a busy week ahead. Nikki’s birthday bash on Tuesday will be a highlight, but more importantly is the need to get my head and a good supply of clean boxer shorts in order ready for my trip to the US on Saturday. I need to prepare a bunch of papers, the usual travelling kit and also sort out what my objectives are for my week in Santa Barbara, as this is a work trip after all (although the fact that my hosts tell me that they are picking oranges from the tree in their garden does nothing to make me look forward to the trip at all. Oh no, not a bit).
Future focus. That’s the key.
Hopefully, by the time I get back, I should be able to reveal a bit more about what I’ve been hinting at here for the last few months. I’ve told a few people about it, but, subject to successful talks with Mr Bank this week, it should all become some sort of reality very soon indeed. Fingers crossed, eh?