Ever read Three To See

Ever read Three To See The King? I feel a bit like the guy in the tin hut at the moment. I’m not sure who to listen to, how to deal with this influence (or, rather, these influences) that has come in and is changing my life, and whether to up-sticks and carry my life off to some far away, half constructed, hole in the ground.
Lots is happening at the moment, on just about every level you can imagine. I’ve been seeking and receiving valuable opinions from others, and they all lead me to believe that I’ve made a bad decision somewhere, although I’m not sure quite which decision I’ve made is the worst one.
And all of this is proving to be a bit of a distraction from some of the core issues that I need to be concentrating on, and is diverting my focus from picking up on things which I should be noticing; diverting me from possibly exploring, let alone following, avenues that are opened for me. I’ve made some good decisions in recent times too, and I need to think about them and act on them too.
Simplify, simplify. Maybe Thoreau was right.