This site is going through

This site is going through one of those unexciting periods again, isn’t it? (Oi, you at the back, stop muttering "no change there" before I come over and bop you).
Well, all I can is apologise and suggest that I’ve run out of oomph, special sauce, beans, drive, inspiration or whatever you like to call it. I’ll try and write with more enthusiasm shortly.
And I’ll try and update radio grayblog too (yet more apologies to those people that I’ve promised to add music for).

In the meantime, today’s question for debate is: should Graybo join a dating agency (again)? Bung your comments into the comments under this post, and I’ll cogitate, procrastinate, prevaricate, obfuscate, levitate, dehydrate, masticate (steady!), ruminate, ungulate and then go and watch an Ingmar Bergman film rather than make a decision.