As I walked home, a

As I walked home, a man was playing a clarinet under the arches at the Council House in North Street. All rather mournful for Valentine’s Day.
I’m in something of a volatile mood, swinging between irritation at the whole VD thing, feeling sorry for myself for being on my own on VD and generally good feeling for actually liking myself and being inwardly happy on VD. The last of these three is probably winning at the moment, although whether that will still be the case after a few beers, who can tell.
It’s been pointed out that being single on VD has two advantages: firstly, all the women that I see on their own or with other girls are certain to be single (or lesbian!), and secondly, I’ve saved myself at least ¬£80 on flowers, cards, chocs and posh dinner, which amounts to rather a lot of beer.