Well, I’ve been and looked

Well, I’ve been and looked at the office. It’s kind of ok. But not great. It’s newly converted (in fact, the conversion is still in progress), but the lack of a decent view from the windows and the hidden extras in the rental costs make it less than 100% attractive.
So the idea of having an office at the nursery is rearing its head again. I find it thoroughly disheartening – one of my minor aims has been to escape this place and have a new start in new surroundings, completely separate. I’ve been here for 15 years now, and whilst it has lots of good points, I’m just a little fed up with the place.
The trouble is, if I have an office here, it would save my fledgling business a goodly sum of money, as I’d be able to use the space rent-free, and would only have to pay the cost of materials for refurbishing the office.
Gah. I dunno.