Sticking with media news, I

Sticking with media news, I see that Wallpaper magazines, a division of the AOL Time Warner behemoth, has scrapped production of Wallpaper’s sister magazine Spruce after just three issues. I have to admit that I struggled to see how a bi-annual fashion supplement in the Wallpaper mold could either succeed or fit within the existing Wallpaper roster. Clearly the editorial team (and marketing and finance bods) have come to the conclusion that it is best to serve this part of the remit within the pages of Wallpaper. Which is a good thing, in my view.
As compensation, we subscribers will be getting a one-off extension to our subscription, and all future issues of Wallpaper will be sent to us with a special subscriber-only front cover, featuring less clutter on top of the cover image. Supposedly, these will be worth more than the high street copies to collectors of the magazine, and as a set of issues 1-10 recently fetched US$1000 in New York, I’ll be looking after mine more carefully than I have done.