I’ve spent most of today

I’ve spent most of today sat in front of this computer, pounding the keyboard and searching for information on the net. I’m working on creating the agreements and forms that PFE will need in order to be able to function effectively. Thankfully, I’ve been given a lot of help by various people, otherwise I wouldn’t honestly know where to begin – it’s the sort of help that will almost certainly save me a lot of money in legal fees. As it is, I need to pass several of these forms, particularly the contracts, in front of a lawyer before I use them, just to check that I’ve missed nothing out and not created any nasty problems for myself.
Either way, I’m gradually going cross-eyed from looking at the monitor too much. Which reminds me that I was going to make an appointment to see an optician and have my eyes tested, with a view to getting some spectacles. More and more time on a PC seems to be making me more and more tired, and I’m sure my eyesight is contributing to that. I gave up wearing my glasses when I was about 16 or 17 in a fit of vanity (I’m long-sighted in my right eye), but now I think it is time to start wearing them again, at least when working. Besides, these days a cool pair of glasses is seen as a fashion plus, and I’m less likely to be called "four eyes" today than when I was the speccy swot at school.