Whilst Rageh “Zoiks!” Omaar breathlessly

Whilst Rageh "Zoiks!" Omaar breathlessly reported the destruction of one of the statues of Saddam in Baghdad on the BBC reporters’ log page, Andrew Gilligan once again, took a different view.

I want to talk to you about my favourite Saddam statues, in anticipation they may not be here for much longer.

One of my favourites is a moody looking Saddam on a tall plinth. And there are tiny little models of Mrs Thatcher, George Bush Senior and the President of France, Jacques Chirac cringing at his feet.

This is a memorial to what the Saddam regime called the American occupation of Kuwait – the first Gulf War. Now I imagine that will probably come down pretty soon.

Theres another one by the telephone exchange saying "Saddam on the phone". They tend to be themed, these things.

I like his style – I see a good future for him in broadcasting.
(Credit for the Scooby Doo joke to Punt and Dennis).