This morning I went into

This morning I went into the shop in Lake Lane in Barnham to pick up a newspaper. As I went in the door, Mrs Sobti, the lady of the establishment, was having a conversation with an older male customer:

  • Male Customer – I think he’s a worried man!
  • Mrs. Sobti – He is. I think that we should have the women in charge of the country. If women were running things, then everything would be much better. Just you see! Mark my words!
  • Me (interfering as usual) – We don’t want that! Look what happened with the last woman we had in charge!
  • Mrs S. – Yes, but she did lots of good things whilst she was in power. 55 pence please.
  • MC – You might have a point. We should put the WI in charge. They had the pants off him!
  • Mrs S. – The WI?
  • MC – Yes. Remember he went to speak to them? They had his pants off in five minutes!
  • Mrs S. (neatly steering the conversation away from pants) – Five pence change. He does seem a worried man though.
  • MC – Yes. I think he’ll end up having a stroke!
  • Mrs S. – Or going the same way as Kelly.
  • MC – hmm.
  • Me – thanks! bye! (thought it best to leave at this point!)

Corner shop politics. Better than bar room discussion any day.