Yesterday in convenient bullet point

Yesterday in convenient bullet point summary:

  • drove over to Percy Towers in Bren’s Renault – actualy quite a nice car, although I hate to admit that I enjoyed driving a Renault.
  • Pimms and barbequed steak sarnies with Bren and Greg in the garden – most splendid.
  • taxi into town for Bognor Live. A woefully under-promoted event, it was actually pretty good, with some good local bands on, some of whom clearly have a solid following. However, the location in the grounds of the Royal Norfolk was not ideal (why wasn’t it on the prom?) and the turn-out was feeble. Worst of all was the sound quality, which was just dire, and detracted from the event considerably. Verdict: could do much better.
  • taxi back to Chichester with Paul F to the Nags for Paul S’s birthday bash, which featured an excellent band and very large quantities of alcohol. Loads of people were there, notably Fi, Jules, Arron and all the Nags regulars. After going on to Paul S’s house for an extra late drink, complete with the spectacle of Jules being thrown into the tub fully clothed, I staggered home.

Today’s plan: laundry, shopping and a walk down to the harbour.