Busy day

Today, I’ve been at the Southern Growers Exhibition at Sandown Park Racecourse. This is a small regional event, a tiny fraction of the scale of Hortifair that I attended last week. But it is the regional event closest to home for me, so I usually make a point of attending it, partly to see what business opportunities it might present, but also as it is usually a good chance to catch up with a few long-time horticultural friends.
In fact, this year I managed to achieve both of those objectives, making handy new contacts for PFE, refreshing a few existing contacts, and also meeting up with a few friends for a coffee and to catch up with news and gossip. So, overall, a very worthwhile outing.

In other news, I’ve received an offer of help for Penn. If you are able to help, please mail me – you won’t be alone. Aside from Hels and me, my parents and one of PFE’s backers are helping to put together a parcel. If you don’t want to send actual "things" you might like to help by sending cash that we could use to buy things to send, or to pay the costs of shipping whatever we can muster to Nepal.

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  1. I should point out that "helping Penn" thing is not directly associated with any charity. It’s just me trying to help some people in a small way, through the auspices of a good friend who is on the ground doing the sort of things we all admire, but rarely (if ever) do ourselves.

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