Sir Clive

An old storeroom at the nursery is being cleared out. There isn’t much of value in there, mainly musty and moldy old bits of paper that are of no value or importance any more.
In amongst the papers has been found an original product brochure for the Sinclair Spectrum in excellent condition. In it, it espouses the product benefits of the Spectrum:

  • full size moving keyboard!
  • massive RAM – 16K or 48K!
  • full colour – 8 colours each for foreground, background and border!
  • Teletext compatible!
  • complete with mains adaptor!
This major advance in computer technology maintains Britain’s world-beating position in the field of personal computers!

Anyone want to give me a reasonable offer for it?

3 Replies to “Sir Clive”

  1. I had a 48k spectrum when it was cutting edge technology, loved it. Seem to remember it cost around £100. Plus the cost of a cassette player to load the programmes of course.

  2. ill give you a large empty hamster cage (used) and a pair of alpine walking earmuffs a a fair swap for it Mr Edmunds.

    Sacred of Cellphane

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