Busy weekend

Life seems to be incredibly full at the moment – not only do I have a full work schedule, but there is also a packed calendar on the social side. Tonight Hels is coming to Chichester and we are going out for drinks with the usual suspects. Tomorrow morning we are dropping in on the parents for morning coffee before heading to Brighton for a spot of Christmas shopping, followed by dinner with Charlie and Peeet. Next week there are at least two dinners booked in already. And the diary towards Christmas seems to get busier still.

The thing is, unlike some people who find the whole yuletide social shenanigans to be hard work and a nuisance, I love spending time with friends and socialising – not least because it usually involves a lot of good food and drink. I don’t really understand why people moan about Christmas – even the gift giving and shopping is fun, if a little hard work and sometimes costly. All you have to do is remember that the most important thing is to have a good time with the special people around you, and not get too hung up on the boring stressy elements.

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  1. As soon as I get my Copenhagen pictures processed, which should be over the weekend. Remember that she is not keen on the idea of being discussed here too much!

  2. Moaning about Christmas usually stems (IME) from either: not having enough cash, or, wishing you had more cash.

    It’s hard to enjoy the socialising and shopping if you can’t afford the outlay.

  3. Fair comment, although I reckon that there is a lot that can be done on a moderate budget. And I hear plenty of moaning from people who are not hard up, generally the woolly liberals who could do more than moan about things if they really wanted to.

    Oh dear, I’m ranting. Best stop now!

  4. I bet the people who have spare cash and *still* moan, just don’t like spending any, that’s why they have it I suppose…

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