The devil is in…

Crumbs! This getting married malarkey is hard work! And incredibly expensive. We’ve just been and booked the venue (deposit = one month’s net pay) and checked out the church (yes, I know – me, a confirmed atheist, getting married in church). We’ve costed out the food and wine for the guests (yikes!), allocated some cash for flowers (double yikes!) and music (yikes again!) and figured out how many favours we can call in (photographers, wedding car owners, floral artists, musicians – we’re coming for you!) in order to keep costs down to a figure that won’t leave us mired in debt for the whole of our married life.

I’m having palpitations.
But I’m also determined that we should enjoy it, so now that some of the fundamentals are falling into place (and Hels is wonderful at organising all this – it’s all in very safe and capable hands), I’m hoping we can relax a little over Christmas and New Year and soak it all up a little. And I know it is going to be a fun and fabulous day, as it should be.

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  1. Darlings

    It will be the best day of your lives, believe me.

    Make it everything you ever dreamed of, you only get one shot.

    With love

    Wendy (and of course, Paul)

    PS Paul offers his S60 but I’m not sure if it will assist the theme. Just ask if you want clarification of what an S60 is.

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