UKIP – no votes for you

Letter bombs to MEPs are the price of EU policy, says the UK Independence Party. Rrrgh! ….bile… ..rising…. must resist urge to rant!

In the name of all that is good on this planet, what the xxxx are these idiots thinking? How on Earth can the UKIP suggest that there is any justification for letter bombs in the world of politics? I think that they have just successfully shot themselves in the foot – their constituency is dominated by the more conservative elements of British society who will, rightly, be totally abhorred by the sentiment that their spokesman has expressed.

Incidentally, responsibility for the bombs has been claimed by a group calling itself the Informal Anarchist Front. The BBC reports that they are the responsibility of the Informal Anarchist Federation, apparently a misnomer which shouldn’t be confused with the Italian Anarchists Federation, who, unlike the UKIP, have denounced these bombings. More here.
To be honest, I hadn’t realised that anarchy was so well organised. Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

UPDATE: the leader of the UKIP has now condemned the bombings, although he went on to reiterate his warnings of civil war in Europe. Scaremongering at its best.

3 Replies to “UKIP – no votes for you”

  1. Organised Anarchy – join the march at 7 pm. sharp!

    As they condone letter bombs I’m presuming they won’t mind receiving some then? (I’m not suggesting we stoop to their level but you know what I mean)

  2. It rather neatly illustrates the circular nature of politics – left and right eventually go around the circle so far that they meet again.

  3. I favour a campaign of sending various (non-incendiary) Europeans – done up in large padded envelopes and sticky tape, naturally – to members of the UK Independence Party. That’ll teach ’em.

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