You can tell it is the thirteenth today – it’s not even a Friday, yet everything seems to be going wrong or to be full of stress. Missing staples, miscreant property management companies, short-tempered people, time-poor people and a distinct lack of chocolate are making for a mildly stressed and tetchy Graybo.
But the only solution to these problems is to seek a logical way to move forward. So my problematic email server is being solved by a DNS transfer to 34sp.com, who have been making a very good job of looking after grayblog for the last three months or so. The missing staples problem is solved by looking where they should not be. Property management companies are less easy to fix, but some research involving a trade catalogue for cast iron drain parts has proved to be enlightening, and some sensible financial management ideas pour oil on troubled waters. And whilst I still have no chocolate, a Polo acts as a good temporary substitute.
I could use a holiday, but there seems to be no chance of that (other than the honeymoon) much before 2020 (you think I’m overstating the situation?!). So I shall seek other forms of rest and relaxation after work today, probably involving some music and a good book, with the possible addition of a soak in the bath. That will be better than last night, when I finally finished the paperwork I had taken home at around 11pm.

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  1. ewwwwwwwwwwww, it stinks, nasty aint it, i hate that number i cant even write it down, it just hurts to much

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