MT problems

I’m not even sure that anyone can read this. Anyway, thanks to Vicky for her suggestion – this is a test to see if it works!

UPDATE: Vicky’s suggestion does seem to have fixed the comments problem, so you should now be able to leave comments as normal. If you experience problems, please let me know by email.

Oh, and I realise that this must be very boring for most grayblog readers, but these technical difficulties are making it quite difficult for me to keep the site updated, and I’d really love to resolve them.

5 Replies to “MT problems”

  1. Although posting that comment worked correctly – just publishing the actual post produced a 404. I may back up my database and then reinstall MT.

  2. I’ve updated the thread at the MT support forum. I’ve checked thorugh my error and access logs to further pinpoint the problem. Suggestions still welcome before I reinstall MT next week when I get back from Germany.

  3. I’m wondering now if there’s a problem with your template path in the mt-cfg file; if after rebuilding or submitting comments it can’t find the ‘Rebuilding entry’ or ‘Saving comment’ templates in your tmpl directory so returns a 404…

  4. Just checked that – the path is correct and all the template files are present.

    I’ve got to go to Germany tomorrow, but I’m beginning to think that when I get back I should back-up the database and re-install the MT files (possibly using it as an opportunity to upgrade from MT2.64 to the latest version).

    In the meantime, thanks for the suggestions – keep the ideas flowing!

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