I’m a Celebrity, Get A Life…

I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here… has been attracting audiences in the order of twelve million viewers. How long is the programme? 30 minutes? Let’s do some mathematics:

12,000,000 people x 30 minutes each = 360,000,000 minutes

360,000,000 minutes equates to 6,000,000 hours

6,000,000 hours is equivalent to 250,000 days.

250,000 days is roughly 684 years.

684 years. Think about it. Surely humankind could put this time to better use? Just think – if everyone sat down for half an hour, just once a year, and did something useful, or at least thought about something useful, the world would surely be a better place. I’m not expecting Celebrity viewers to solve the world’s ills, but surely their collective brain power could do something useful like inventing a method for opening tin cans that means that the sauce in my chopped tomatoes doesn’t splatter all over the kitchen worktop. Then again, they probably couldn’t even manage that. Mind you, the heat from their brains all simultaneously struggling to think could be enough to heat a small town without the use of fossil fuels.

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  1. Which, of course, is extremely useful for the world, as it is frequently put completely to rights during beer drinking sessions.

  2. Someone called me sad the other day because I don’t watch that programme. I should get a life, apparently. Mind you, I called her stupid because a) she didn’t know she was being brainwashed and b) specifically, she said she really admired Jordan because of everything she has achieved…

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