No resistance

Scientists develop vaccine for diarrhoea. The article helpfully tells us that around half a million people die from diarrhoea each year, but I wouldn’t mind betting that no more than half a dozen of those are tourists from western nations or members of our armed forces. More likely they are people living in squalid conditions in the Third World with no access to clean drinking water, for whom an expensive vaccine like this is really likely to make little or no difference.
Not only that, but those of us in the west are becoming so protected from illness and viruses now that we will soon have no resistance to anything at all – as soon as any sort of disease comes along, it’ll run like wildfire through the populace. A little dirt and a little illness doesn’t hurt.

2 Replies to “No resistance”

  1. A teaspoon of vinegar also does the trick. That’s assuming you drink it and don’t just leave it on the spoon.

    On the subject of dirt, I remember a saying from my childhood that “we all eat our pound of dirt”, usually said after something fell on the floor before eating, but it’s true.

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