Not shocking at all

Government "ignores" space threat.
Whilst Neos may not be a huge concern to many people, I think that this story is completely symptomatic of the current government’s attitude to just about anything and is an example of the way that they handle many issues:

  • people have concerns
  • government sets up a task force to investigate (note: may have a different name, such as independent review, inquiry, panel or committee)
  • task force makes recommendations
  • minister promises that recommendations will be implemented
  • three years later, somebody points out that nothing has been done, but by then the issue is dead so nobody cares

Don’t make me list all the examples where this has happened.
I’m sure that our government is by no means unique in this regard. I think that this is a major contributing factor in voter apathy. Speaking of which, there was a good report on the subject by Dan Damon on this evening’s PM programme on Radio 4, but unfortunately I can’t find any web links for it.