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  1. ‘m’, Yes however, they are just a drop in the ocean of 100 million peace time deaths caused by socialism in the 20th century.

  2. I don’t see the connection, Mark. I think that, no matter whether you live under a communist, fascist, socialist, democratic, oligarchic or anarchic system, if your life is utterly destroyed by something beyond your control, that remains a tragedy. I think that is the message here, not any commentary on the Soviet regime.

  3. Fair point Graybo.

    I think I was stuck in the frame of mind from when I was looking at the pictures. The Chernobyl area is sort of preserved in aspic and it was pretty shitty before the plant even blew its top.

    Her comment about her Kawasaki being more powerful than all the crappy Soviet motorbikes put together reminded me of the bit in the film Goodbye Lenin when the daughter has to put on her old DDR clothes a says, “look at the shit we used to have to wear”.

    The Chernobyl reactor was of a type that would never have been built in the west so I can pin the blame on the locals (and some not so locals) having to flee as the radioactive cloud travelled north eastwards across thier homelands on the Soviet system.

    Sadly as well the disaster has put the mockers on any new nuclear stations being built in Britain soon. We will need them as our existing ones are coming to the end of their lives. They are relatively environmentally sound if looked after properly (no CO2) and give out loads and loads more power than if the whole country was covered in feeble wind turbines.

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