Text message spam

Someone has contacted our dating service and entered your phone because they fancy you! To find out who it is call froma landline 0911 103 xxxx.

How irritating. And is that last line supposed to convey contact details for the sender and an indication of the price per minute if I call? If so, it is less than clear. OFCOM should clamp down on this.
In addition, I’ve had five new comment spams since yesterday evening, countless email spams, a bunch of junk mail and a couple of telephone cold calls.
It may be time to become a hermit and live a communications-free existence.

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  1. It may be worth contacting ICSTIS, who regulate premium rate phone lines, and complain that the message is misleading.

    They can’t block spam, or fine spammers, but they can heavily fine them for messages that break their code of conduct. I would think the message you describe breaks these rules.

    Their website is at http://www.icstis.org.uk/ , and you can complain online.

    If you are receiving cold calls or junk snail mail, sign up for the Telephone Preference Service and Mail Preference Service. I have signed up for these and they work.

  2. Lamentably, I deleted the message before noting the whole phone number, so can’t make a complaint, but I’ll bookmark that site and fire off a missive if they send it again.

    I’ve just signed the nursery up for the Fax Preference Service, so we shall see if that works.

  3. By the look of it, that last line is giving the price per minute. One I keep getting goes along the lines of “This is the second time we have tried to contact you as you have won a guaranteed cash prize. Please call the number below”, which of course, is a premium number.

    1) I’d just changed phone number. 24 hours before, where did they get it?
    2) If that’s the second time they tried to contact me, by SMS, they must have my phone number. Why not just ring it?

    As for spam e-mail, I’ve found it best not to enter an e-mail on any site (obivously). But it turns out that with a lot of spam e-mail, if you click the unsubscribe request, you are merely confirming to the spammer that you are actively reading their message. Then you end up with loads more…. (learnt my lesson from experience).

    Yup, become a hermit. It’s the only way…

  4. Just found this site by doing a google search on premium rate numbers. I received this text message today. The po box reference is the same, but the number I have been given is 09111 030198. thanks for the info!

  5. I too have had the the ‘Someone has contacted our dating service………………….’. In my case, the number was 09111032071. The PO Box no is 12n146tf150p. I take it the last three digits mean the cost is £1.50 per min. Yes it is a rip off!!

  6. i got it about 5 mins ago but decided not to ring the number… it will cost a bomb. but i wonder if anydoes actaully fancy me….

  7. i got the same text i realy wanted to ring it but knew it would cost alot…has anyone treid 2 ring it? if so wot has it said? and hmm i wonder am i fancied,….

  8. I got it with the number 09111 030560, which I called in bleary-eyed naivety. I suspect it’s self-fuelling: it asks you to confirm your number, then asks you to input the number of who you think might have contacted them, then it says it’ll text you if there’s a match. Presumably it then similarly spams whoever it is whose number you give.

  9. Thanks for all the useful tips – hopefully others that have received this text message will know what to do!

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  10. that 07text0spam.com looks pretty good. i forwarded them that “someone fancies you” text.
    the number i had to call was 09111030184.
    i wonder if there is some truth in it as we all get different numbers to call…

  11. I was just browsing around because I had that “dating service” text as well and came across this site.

    Don’t know if this is relevant, but I’d never had a spam text before I got this one and I received it shortly after using Shazam, the music tagging service.

  12. I’ve had the message too but never posted my contact number on any public place and not even sure what Shazam is ! P2p by any chance ? Sounds like it.

    Going to email watchdog I think.

    Anyone mind if I reference this page ?
    It would hightlight its a common problem 🙂


  13. I received this message too – but I have only given my phone number out to four member of my family and I only use the phone for text/family phone calls!

    I guess they are working through mobile phone numbers in sequence or at random.

    The number I was supposed to call was 09111 030549. Made me smile though!

    Thanks for the info on whom to call.

  14. I just got our phone bill through, and after doing a search on the number, well the first 5 digits, it brings me here. (09111)

    I do remember now after reading this web page, that I was getting constant spams on my phone saying “Someone fancied me” and just out of pure curiosity to actually hear the bullsh*t that would probably ensue, I phoned it.

    The recorded message claimed They had the number of person who claimed to fancy me, this they would tell me in just a moment after a bit of info. Anyway after much garbage it came to near the end of the call and it said, instead of us telling you the number of the person, you had to guess it by entering the mobile number of the person who you thought it was, they would then tell you if it was the person…lol at which point I instantly realised..

    So there you have it… do not phone back AT ALL.
    The entry on the bill looks like this:

    Super Premium – 09111030629 Duration: 4:32,Charge (ex VAT) £5.8719

    When I got the bill earlier I could not remember the number and phoned it just to quickly see what it was… the number is no longer in service…which led me to a webby search,ICSTIS and finally here.

    I’m now gonna see if I have to actually pay for this call because I was duped big time, there was no mention of a £5+ cost involved, had it said anyhting remotely about higher charges I would never have called it in the first place.

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  16. You guys should be able to relate to this, emailed to OFFCOM, who directd me to inform ICSTIS, still waiting for reply!

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This Easter I received this text message on my cell phone; “Voicemail has 1 new message. Please call 0871 983 0033?” This message arrived on Good Friday; I had no idea who was responsible so I called the number. I was greeted by a pre recorded ‘Debbie HastingsÂ’ the Claims Service Manager in network promotions mobile service dept. No company name just a message claiming that my cell phone number had been selected in an “Easter weekend cash giveaway”, or something like this.

    After this I was directed to call another number 0906 1206 599, when I called this I was given further directions to claim, and told to enter the number of my cell phone into the keypad on the hand set of the land line I was using for this call. Following this my prize was confirmed, and Debbie Hastings told me to enter my name and address & a reference code they provided, into a text message and send it to a 0782 number. I was then informed I would receive the prize in four to five days and I would receive no further confirmation.

    There is still no prize and I have been charged over £10 for these bogus calls. I was not informed to the cost of any of these calls before I made them; I have also received text messages from dating agencies asking me to call other premium rate numbers because ‘someone fancies me’. I have ignored these for reasons of scepticism endorsed by the above complaint.

    I am concerned about the motivation for this behaviour. I would also like to know if there is anyway I could claim for the cost for these telephone calls and raise public awareness of the ‘human scum’ that is smothering this country and suffocating the population’s communication portals.

  17. I have recieved a number of text messages from a company calling themselves Irishbreaks informing me I am entered into a draw for weekend breaks and various other prizes even though I have no recollection of entering any draw. I normally delete them. Recently I recieved a text informing me that I had won a weekend break for two and would soon have over 50 hotels to choose from. This was immediately followed by a claim no. and address to which to send it. I was also given a number to text if I wished to unsubscribe (although I don’t remember subscribing in the first place). I text ‘stop’ to the number but continue to get these unwanted text messages. How do I get rid of them?

  18. Oh my god I got that exact same text from irishbreaks too! I( foolishly texted them to get my ‘claim no’ and was charged 8 euro in total for 4 texts- absolutely incredible! I called my mobile phone operator and was told that my details were passed on to a company, she had no idea how. So I called the company and asked them, and surprise surprise they received my details from yet another company! Eventually the receptionist told me that I had indeed won a voucher and it was waiting for my collection. So i excitedly sent a stamped addressed envelope and….no word since (that was 2 weeks ago!) I have tried calling irishbreaks but its constantly an answering machine. Then i went to their website and guess what-their URL is up for sale so the company is obviously untraceable. Isnt what theyre doing in any way illegal?????

  19. Hi Laura, I am STILL receiving these text messages from Irishbreaks and they are charging me 2 Euros per message! I can’t find a web address for them, do you know what it is. I can’t seem to unsuscribe.

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