Chips, peas and spam

It comes to something when, as I check my overnight emails first thing in the morning, I discover that the spam left in the comment boxes of this site outweighs the general spam email by two to one. In particular, I’ve now blocked three IPs in the series 213.91.217.xx, namely 13, 14 and 15, which were being used to send large numbers of messages promoting online drug stores. If you run MT or some other commenting system that allows you to block IPs, I suggest that you block these three pre-emptively.
The next version of MT will feature a system whereby users must register before they can leave comments. I’ll be adopting that as soon as it becomes available.

3 Replies to “Chips, peas and spam”

  1. Presumably there will be an ability for me to authorise all registrations before permission was granted to post comments. If so, that wuld get around the auto-registration problem.

  2. can you also stop them doing things to your blog stats with mt? because naughty sites keep telling me that they’ve got links from their sites to mine!

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