Vaughan de Jour

Vaughan on the mystery of Belle de Jour.
I’ll be quite honest – I was quite fascinated by the Belle de Jour site. And, in a way, it has brought blogging even further into the mainstream, as the tabloids (and the broadsheets) get their fishnets in a twist over who may or may not be behind BdJ. I’m sure that it was the high quality of writing and insight into another mind that drew me to the site, and nothing to do with sexual depravity and voyeurism at all.
But now, I find the whole thing a little tiresome. The content at BdJ has veered towards embroilment in the whole "is she a she, or isn’t she, and who is she anyway?" thing, and has become quite tiresome. Some other blogs have become fairly tiresome on the subject, but that tiresomeness is fairly widespread in the blogging community right now. It reminds me of the whole Salam Pax thingy, a good weblog that was spoiled by people busying themselves with trying to unmask the author, rendering the whole thing …well, tiresome.
Thankfully, readers of this site have averted tiresomeness because your author has never made any secret of his identity, and I think that should be the model that all bloggers follow. It’s much more simple that way, and makes it easier for publishers to come running with their cheques for the book deal.
Doesn’t it?

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  1. I’ve always tried to be honest on mine; it is simply my nature. Also, my blog — if I can’t be myself in the privacy of my own blog, then there is something wrong.

    Honesty does have its drawbacks — The Husband has requested occasional editing and even removal of certain posts, because he believes everyone is only six clicks from everyone else and he fears both recognition and the occasional reprisal. I do have a tendency to say things I would never say at either an office or dinner party, or at The In/Out-Laws . . .

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