So Britney is the sexiest woman in the world, according to the annual FHM poll, the results of which were announced today. In second place was Rachel Stevens, making her the highest placed Briton. I heard her on the radio this morning, saying that she couldn’t understand what people saw in her and that she wasn’t sexy, blah blah de blah. Bollocks – she knows she’s got it, and she knows that she can flaunt it and make money. She wasn’t picked for S Club 7 for her singing talents, I’ll be bound. Faux modesty fools nobody.
Of course, they both trail by a long distance in my personal sexiest woman poll. My winner has beauty, brains and genuine modesty.

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  1. Of course you were.

    What I want to know is who the girl on the cover of the “100 Sexiest” supplement is.. you can’t see her face but the legs… ohh the legs…

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