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Major fire at Portsfield Peugeot – this is on the main road by the railway line, and both have been closed. Apparently train services are "very messed up" (technical term used by the guy in the ticket office at Barnham), which should make my journey to Tunbridge Wells later a little interesting.
Four injured in bus crash – for those familiar with Chichester Bus Station, you’ll feel, as I do, that this was just a matter of time. The drivers often drive recklessly and far too fast, in my opinion. From what I’ve heard, the bus didn’t stop as it approached the bus stand, went through the railing and into the front of the bus company office. Passengers would have been standing between the railing and the office, under the canopy, waiting for the bus. Maybe something will happen now to slow the buses down, although it would be a case of shutting the proverbial stable door.

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  1. I’ve got to agree about the bus station – it’s pretty poor the layout that is there, and was an accident just waiting to happen. I went past about 1/2 hour ago, and the builders have taken part of the wall away. The unfortunate victim who was sat at the bench I’ve just heard has been downgraded from having two broken legs to being ‘critical’. Horrible thought though it is, I’d be really surprised if he survived – being pushed, on a bench, through the wall of the station isn’t going to bode well. I came past Portsfield Peugeot as well (eventually, the traffic was really bad….), and I’ve got to say I have never seen so many fire engines in my life. There must have been about fifteen in the car park outside City Electrical, and they reckon about 120 firefighters at the seen.
    Today has been an unlucky day for Chichester.

  2. I misheard. The firemen thought the oxyacetylene might explode, apparently it’s a bit volatile, it can keep heating up even if the outside is cooling.

    Spirit FM are talking about the 200yard exclusion zone now.

  3. They reckon it’s going to be 24hours to cool down the cylinders don’t they? The trains will be an absolute nightmare if they’re off till then.

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