I’ve just applied the final dollop of paint to the last door in the flat. The redecorating is, finally, complete. Here’s a tally of what we have done:

  • repainted the front door
  • replaced all five internal doors, fitted new door furniture and painted them
  • repainted the bathroom, hallway, bedroom, kitchen and living room
  • ripped up the carpet in the living room and repaired the floorboards
  • new carpet in the living room and hallway
  • new carpet tiles in the kitchen and bathroom
  • refitted the curtain pole and added new curtains in the living room
  • replaced the bath panel
  • painted the kitchen cupboard doors
  • added two new prints and a large mirror in the living room, plus a new potted plant
  • removed shelves and considerable amounts of "stuff" to storage
  • removed old sofabed and taken loan of groovy green sofa from Lord Percy

As Hels says – basically, the place has been gutted, and it looks a gazillion times brighter and fresher, which has certainly added many times more to the value than the £800 – £900 that it has cost me.
Estate agents on Tuesday – let’s see what they have to say.

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