An Englishman’s home

Yesterday, we took a little jaunt down to Bodiam Castle. It looks like this…

It's a long way down, Hels

As you might expect on Good Friday, it was full of holidaymakers and tourists, including any number of small children with plastic swords and shields, running around the ramparts and giving their parents heart attacks as the charge up and down the tightly winding spiral stone stairways.
I last visited Bodiam when I was very young. It’s an interesting place to visit, although I think it is more likely to be interesting to a five year old than an adult – I think it could do with a few more interpretation signs, rather than relying on visitors to buy the fancy glossy guidebook.
And it’s a shame that our post-castle picnic by the Rother was spoilt by mindless people who let their dogs run and crap everywhere. Still, the tranquility, views of the valley and steam railway and the sounds of the skylarks overhead went some way to making up for that annoyance.

Today we took a trip to London to visit Greenwich and Borough markets. We have plans for a foodfest trip to Borough in the not-too-distant future.

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