A little bit of toast

I have discovered a weakness in the work-from-home plan. That weakness is in the next room. It is called "toaster". It may have to die.

7 Replies to “A little bit of toast”

  1. Heh – I get that too. It’s so easy to make and quick too… “just one more slice..” you say time and again.

    Then you wonder why you’ve no bread left.

  2. Yup, been there. It’s even more tempting when working late at night (well, early in the morning) and the pull of fresh warm toast becomes almost insurmountable…

  3. It is a distraction and must die, along with all other working from home distractions: Kettle, Microwave, Internet and TV

  4. Buy some of that really unappetising ‘Wholemeal’ bread – that’ll soon have you thinking twice before you reach for the marmalade…

  5. How do you get your work done from home using a toaster, though? I tried the other week, and would my toaster connect to the interwebnet to allow me to download my work email? Would it buffalo!

  6. Is that all you managed to blog on an entire working at home day?

    Shame on you.

    I do hope there were beers last night.

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