Calling all techies

Here’s one for all you techies out there.
I have an Intel Anypoint™ 3240 DSL modem which I use for my work broadband connection to BT Openworld. Since the PC shananigans of last week, I’ve had to reinstall it and its drivers.
When I connect, the connection stays good for only a few seconds and then the modem locks up. The light stays green (i.e. it is trained), but no traffic is passing in either direction. The only way to remedy it is to unplug it from the hub and reconnect it.
I’ve checked the connection and checked the phone line. All appears normal.
Having searched the web for a solution, I’ve found that by going into Device Manager and increasing the value for TXPower (currently set at 06, 00 is the default), I can increase the amount of time before the connection dies. But the connection still ultimately dies, nonetheless. I’m told the maximum value I should assign to TXPower is 12.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Are you using the same drivers as previously? Did you update them before the shenanigans?

    Sorry can’t be more helpful – I’d suggest trying different versions of the drivers if you can stay online long enough to find them.

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