Brighton away to Swindon tomorrow in the first leg of the Division 2 promotion play-off semi-finals. Anything could happen, but most pundits seem to think that Brighton are the outsiders in this competition. I certainly wouldn’t rate our chances if we had to face Bristol City in a play-off final.

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  1. 1-0 probably is enough – the return leg will be at Fortress Withdean, and Brighton have an excellent home record. But McGhee says that Brighton will play an attacking strategy in the first half with the aim of putting at least one goal in the net, making it even harder for Swindon.

  2. It’s the second placed team I feel sorry for.

    Argyle won the division (yay!) and get the trophy and the celebrations up on the Hoe; the third placed team will get to go to Cardiff and celebrate there while poor old QPR just have to sort of muddle through just being mildy pleased with themselves.

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