It seems to be working

This site now runs on WordPress. If you see anything that is broken, please let me know.

I’m still sorting out the archives at the moment, and there also seem to be some CSS issues which need fixing. Give me a few days and I’ll get there. I also need to sort out the comments template.

General comments:

  • install WP in the same directory as your blog if you want an easy life
  • the five minute install certainly works if you are starting a completely new blog – in fact, if you’re a little web-savvy, I reckon you could do it in four!
  • it is possible to run several blogs from one database using multiple installations of WP, in spite of what some of its detractors will tell you
  • the documentation isn’t bad at all
  • importing MT entries is a doddle
  • it’s free, and that has to be a good thing

Overall, I’d definitely recommend it. It took me about three hours to do the transfer from MT to WP, including revising the templates so that they look something like the site that you are used to.

UPDATE: I’ve been trying to get a gizmo going so that, if you should try to follow a link on another site that goes to the permalink for an old entry, you get pointed towards its new home. Unfortunately, it seems at the moment to point you to entirely the wrong entry. I am, as they say, working on it.

5 Replies to “It seems to be working”

  1. i’ve been thinking of uing it, too. glad to know it was a fairly positive experience.

  2. Think it took me several weeks before I could get it to look and feel the same as my old blog and tweak the bits I won’t but that’s because I’m a slow learner. Everything’s migrated fine and I lurve WP more than a sane human should. Having used MT over at Uborka this last week, I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. WP is the way to go.

  3. BUT… the only issue I have got is that inline comments leave you without a way of navigating back and forth to posts. Easy to fix I’m sure but I opted for pop up comments in the end!

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