Hels’s flat sale has fallen through – the purchaser was intending to buy-to-let and has got cold feet over the interest rates. This is a major setback. We’re very pissed off and incredibly stressed, with just over four months until the wedding and nowhere to live.
I have to go to France later today until Saturday – I’d rather be here sorting all this out, although I’m not sure if there is anything much that I can do. Aside from support H, of course.

3 Replies to “Bumhats”

  1. Hang on in there. It’ll all pull together in the nick of time.

    My fingers are crossed and my toes (which is slightly uncomfortable ).

  2. sorry to hear about the news, since i have my italian heritage to fall back on i can offer you the “friendly-discount” on my knee-breaking services should you need them

  3. There’s much to be said for the Scottish system that once a contracts agreed, you can’t back out.

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