Because I can, here’s a picture of my beautiful fiancée, browsing the menu at Charlie and Pete’s wedding on Saturday.
Hels with the menu
And, yes, we really did have four wine glasses each.

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  1. ‘ere I know that bird!!!

    That’s the first time I have not seen her;
    1, talking
    2, shopping
    3, worrying about wedding plans

    see you soon


  2. I think she was looking at the menu and wondering if our menus would be as smartly presented!

    (for readers not in know, Kevin is Hels’s brother-in-law).

  3. Thought I would say Hi – one Chichester blogger to another! Not sure if you’re still Lewes bound, but if so, think you will be very happy there, it’s a home from home compared to Chi.

  4. Thanks for the message Polly.
    <old git>Of course, back in my day, it were all fields around here, and you had to travel for three days to find another blogger.</old git>

  5. Now, if memory serves me correctly (from a rare photo of you) you are an ugly git… how did you manage to get a beauty like Hels! 😉

    (I’m kidding of course… I think… red wine with dinner = silly comments)

  6. To be honest, Gordon, it’s a question I often ask myself.
    And I ask those questions after four pints in the pub too.
    Either way, I’m eternally grateful.

  7. Hehe! I bet. I moved down here to go to Uni at 18 and I’m still here (now 24). I’m kinda fond of the old place.

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