Sneaky update when I should be working…

… it’s too hot to concentrate properly. Actually, I’m not sure it is the heat, per se, so much as the humidity. Anyway, recent weeks in bullet points, and in no particular order:

  • Charlie and Pete’s wedding at Lancing College. Was fabulous. Involved very large quantities of food and even larger quantities of alcohol – two things essential for any successful wedding.
  • Neil and Emma’s wedding at a hotel near Uckfield. Still more nosh and booze, plus funky music. And a rare opportunity for the Old Howardians to have a meeting – Sarah, David, Louise and Andy were present.
  • A lengthy trip to the Netherlands and Belgium with PFE-supporter Mike, involving lots of visits and meetings (about 15, I think), driving for more than 1500 miles in six days, a particularly dodgy hotel in Lochristi and an impressive journey in a gathering storm across the Markerwaarddijk.
  • A much shorter trip to the Irish Republic, mainly visiting a trade show at the Punchestown Racecourse. Note to travellers – BA are now just as cheap and often cheaper than easyjet or Ryanair, with the added advantages of more comfortable seats, free coffee or tea, a sandwich and an allocated seat.
  • Hels has had a hearing test. She was forced to go private, as the NHS waiting list just for a test is two years. Well done Mr Blair. Anyway, the results were not overly encouraging, and more tests are planned, including an MRI scan. H is definitely nervous about this.
  • Barbeque at Charlie and Pete’s – more food, more drink, good company.
  • Flat sales update: with two agents now working on mine, there is plenty of interest, but still no offers. We are now in the summer holidays, which is the worst time of year to sell a flat, but we keep trying. H’s flat is back on the market, but is not fetching huge amounts of interest at the moment. We’re resigned to not having a home together by the wedding, but we’ve managed so far, so managing for a little longer will be an irritation, not a disaster. What’s more important is that we now need to borrow money for the wedding – thankfully, the Bank of Dad is offering good terms at the moment.

I’m sure that there is much more to tell you, but it’s too hot to type much, and I don’t really have the time either. So, to keep you all happy, here are some piccies:

The Maarkermeer with storm approaching.

The Boomkwekerijmuseum – a museum dedicated to nurseries growing woody plants, in Boskoop, Netherlands.

You know Peace lilies – Spathiphyllums – that they sell in Marks and Spencer? Here they are produced on factory scale, mostly mechanised, disappearing off as far as the eye can see.

More when I get round to it/feel like it.

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  1. Hels has had a hearing test. She was forced to go private, as the NHS waiting list just for a test is two years. Well done Mr Blair.

    I don’t think ‘forced’ is the correct word here. The definition of force in this context is:

    The use of physical power or violence to compel or restrain: a confession obtained by force.

    I think the word or words required in place of ‘force’ are ‘fortunate to be wealthy enough to be able to afford to pay twice over for healthcare’.

    Money is tight for most people and so I feel sorry for Hels coping with an unexpected cash-flow hit on top of her ailment. However it’s the great bulk of people that can’t afford to go to a private hospital and must suffer silently for years waiting for their doctor ration that really deserve our pity.

    We would all be far better of physically as well as financially if we weren’t properly, actually, look you go to a concentration camp if you don’t hand it over, forced to pay for a collectivised healthcare system that kills 5000 people per year because the work force has become so feather-bedded everyone believes it’s beneath their status to splash a bit of Dettol about.

    If Labour really were the party of the working man and woman instead of the producers they’d say, “Yes we cocked up in 1947 and the NHS has been a ghastly, expensive mistake” and let the market run free. Hell even socialist France as a huge percentage of their healthcare provided by the market sector and thus, pas quelle surprise, they don’t have waiting lists.

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