I’ve just been looking at Eva Herzigova’s breasts in the "Bra Loggy" header of this site (click refresh until you see it if you are not familiar with it), and wondered if I should replace them with a photo of Hels’s cleavage.
If I did so, what would be my likely life expectancy?
(We do, of course, already have Hels’s eyes. But you knew that, didn’t you?)

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  1. Well I don’t know Hels, it all depends how proud she is of her cleavage. She may be honoured.

    I’ll gladly help rate them if you like.. no not in a pervy way at all… for the good of .. er.. womankind.. and cleavage. I’m almost a professional at cleavage inspections (but having never paid for it I retain my amateur status).

    Jeepers, see what you’ve done.. once mention of cleavage and I’m babbling like an idiot!

  2. Well, she’s justly proud of her cleavage. My justification could be that she shows it to strangers when she walks down the street in a low-cut top (a fairly frequent occurance), so why not show it to strangers on the web? Do you think she’ll buy that argument?

  3. Hmmmm! You need to apply the following formula to anticipate the likely outcome. EC-HC=R Where EC = Evas’ Cleavage, HC = Hels’s Cleavage and R=Result where the result is an increase/decrease in hits per day to your site. Once you have the result your statistical analysis will lead you to one of the following outcomes.

    Positive Outcome. i.e. site did better with Evas cleavage. Explaining to Hels how you need to remove her from the site and replace her with Eva leading to many arguments and you probably being cuffed round the ear. Negative Outcome. i.e. Hels cleavage increases the number of hites. Explaining to Hels how traffic to site has increased by you displaying her cleavage to the sundry bunch of perverts and weirdos that already visit here each day and they are telling their even more dubious friends about it leading to many arguments and you probably being cuffed round the ear.

    As one of the aforementioned lowlife who visit regularly I am all for you putting both cleavages up there and I will spend many hours checking the relative merits of each.

    Hope that helps.

  4. I had never realised that there were so many masthead images. I clicked about 20 times and still never saw the cleavage shot. Obviously I can’t comment in support of having Hels’ cleavage up there, because that would be giving Pete a green light to do the same thing. And he wouldn’t need telling twice. What is it with you blokes?

  5. There are currently 20 headers. It’s one of those things – if I’m a bit bored at work, I grab an image from the files and make a new one. The most recent one is the limetrees viewed through railings.

    Brian: I don’t think she’d kill me, she’d prefer to make me suffer if I did something like that.

  6. As punishement, perhaps she would make you post a picture of something intimate of yours as a header. Mind you the lemons already look rather, erm, testicular.

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