Flat sale

…under offer? I got an offer on Friday, which I rejected as too low. A new offer is now in, and I’m trying to decide – stick it out and risk losing it, or accept it now and risk not getting a little bit more. The new offer is just £4000 short of the current asking price, but is £2000 short of my mental reserve price.

UPDATE: I’m going to tough it out and see if I can get a little bit more. Fingers crossed.

4 Replies to “Flat sale”

  1. Accept it and move on mate, are they first time buyers?..have they sold? these points are as important as the offer

  2. Current thinking is that I’ll see if he has more to offer. If not, then I’ll go with the offer already on the table (and hope that he doesn’t read this site).
    He’s a first-time buyer with a mortgage already agreed in principle, and is keen to move fairly quickly, so I am fully aware that he’s a good catch that needs hanging on to! But the problem is that I’ve already reduced the price by £20,000 and we need every penny we can get for buying our new property.

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