To the people who jive (or whatever it is called) by the Market Cross on a Saturday – it’s not smart, or particularly clever, and you look like complete idiots. At least the folks who dress up in music hall costumes and sing in North Street are doing something useful in raising money for the local hospice. What exactly are you doing?
(The first post in the "Chichester" category for a while. Hels, quite reasonably, doesn’t want me to reveal exactly where our new home will be – so I expect to be creating a new category called "home village" or "East Sussex" or something.)

5 Replies to “Exhibitionism”

  1. Rodney’s idea is grand. Concoct an imaginary baronial hall. I suggest using Sir Henry at Rawlinson End* as a starting point and taking it from there. What about calling the estate Graystoke?

    Was the band at Chi Cross the one with the upright double bass and electric piano? They’re dead good.

    *Incidently I’ve lost, mislaid or had pinched my copy of the cd and I’m annoyed in the extreme so if you could all check behind your settees I’d be mighty grateful. Ta.

  2. Crimeny! It’s a good job I specified an “upright double bass” to avoid confusion between that sort and the lap steel and across the body held up by a strap types… 😉

  3. No – they are a band, as opposed to these dancers who just use a stereo. Normally they position themselves up by the Council House in North Street, but the other day they were by the Cross.

  4. I haven’t seen those guys. Possibly thank goodness. It sounds very much like the Fat Boy Slim Praise You video where Spike Jonze and his illfitting sweatpants wearing compadres cavort around a shopping mall. One has to admire their confidence and lack of embarresment I suppose.

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