Talking of the fact that this is one of the longest-running blogs in the UK, I note that it is, in fact, grayblog’s fourth birthday today.
<insert introspective comment on the nature of blogging here>
Sounds like a good excuse for cracking open a couple of beers from the fridge when I get home.

8 Replies to “Blimey”

  1. I’m not tired yet. I had been feeling a little jaded lately, mainly because I felt that I’d been neglecting grayblog. But this week, it looks like I’ve been putting up something that approaches content, and that had made me feel better about things.
    So, no plans to quit just yet. Not quitting allows me to sit here in my rocking chair on the front porch and say things like "I remember when it were all fields around here", as the long-term bloggers are expected to do.

  2. Sniff. Sigh. Et cetera. I remember when Grayblog were but a month old, and t’were one of them first blogs that I read. By ‘eck, Graybo, thee’s gettin’ on a bit, in’t thee?

    Er. Oh yes. Four years. Happy birthday. Blimey. Etc.

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