We’re having something of a major crisis in the home sale department today. We’re both working on it, as is our excellent solicitor. If it goes wrong, then we will be in a pretty grim situation indeed. If it goes right, then we should be home and dry. When I first heard about it from Hels, I was pretty pessimistic, but having discussed it with my father, who has some experience of these things, I can see that there is a possible solution. Whether it will work depends on a lot of people and will likely cost us money, but it may just save the day.
Stress levels are off the scale.

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  1. Thanks for the offer. I’ll try and give you a call tomorrow (Fri) to update you. It seems that our solicitor has got some clear ideas for solutions, and we reckon she is excellent – so we’re hoping she will pull the rabbit out of the hat. She also has the idea that Dad and I came up with in her back pocket too, and reckons it could well work. Hels and I also have a plan of last resort, although we’d rather not take it as it would cost us a major packet.

  2. i was holding my breath until i found out if it all went good or bad, but after passing out a few times i decided to just wait as patiently as i could until you updated the site about any news. best thoughts!

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